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SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India for Small And Medium-Sized SMES

Freelance Search engine Optimization / SEO for your website for Small And Medium-Sized SMES

Search Engine Optimization Hyderabad India is your way to page 1 in the Search Engine Google

Limra SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India for startup, a medium-sized company, a national group or a large international company – we can cover all of your requirements. We have experience in managing different search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, as well as in position optimization in terms of ranking improvements along the English-language search engine sites such as,,, etc.


Since 2010, the SEO Limra SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India and Globally like USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada has specialized as an experienced service provider to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) achieve more online success. We offer high-quality search engine optimization at affordable prices across all industries. As an SEO agency, we implement measures such as technical and content optimization as well as backlink construction. In this way, we improve the relevance of your website or online shop for the relevant keywords (search terms) and bring you further forward in the search results.


It is often difficult for small and medium-sized companies to compete with large companies and global players in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. But the best results are achieved by who is at the top of the search results pages. Most users want to quickly find the information they are looking for, so they only click on the first results. Search engine optimization (SEO) offers various options to be listed here with your own website and thus be found by the target group. Once the users are on your site, you can convince them with your offer and make them new customers. The users then carry out so-called conversions, ie desired actions such as a purchase, registration for the newsletter or contacting and making an appointment.


So that we can achieve the best possible visibility for your website, your Amazon or online shop, we first carry out an extensive analysis of your website. We examine which rankings you currently occupy in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Co. (ranking analysis) and how your competitors are compared to you. On the basis of this analysis we explain your optimization potential and determine the ideal SEO strategy for the optimization of your website. We will find the right product for you, including transparent reporting, so that you are continuously informed about the success achieved.


Once we have defined the strategy, the next step is another large part of our SEO advice: keyword research. The success of the SEO measures largely depends on the careful selection of the search terms for which your website should be optimized for search engines. It is important to select keywords that your target group is actually looking for. As a rule, you should not use generic terms. In the B2C area in particular, industry-specific terms are often not recommended, since the users of the search engines do not know them in most cases and therefore do not search for them.


If you have decided to use our SEO services for your company, we will ensure a fulfillment that takes into account the special requirements of small and medium-sized companies. We know that the time budgets are often very limited and that there is a lot of work every day. As a rule, there is little time to worry about search engine optimization, no matter how important this topic is for the online success of the company. For this reason, we take care of it and only use your time as much as necessary, but as little as possible. That means: You can devote yourself entirely to your day-to-day business while we optimize your site. On the one hand you benefit from our great experience, on the other hand from our low costs.


Search engine optimization is divided into two main areas: OnPage and OffPage optimization. While the former describes all the measures that are carried out on the website itself, the latter relates to the distribution of the page on the Internet. In particular, backlinks, i.e. links from other websites to your own, play a major role here. OnPage optimization includes technical and content-related aspects. This is how we ensure that your website is well structured and can be easily read and indexed by the search engines. The internal linking and fast loading times of the website are also factors that can lead to better rankings.

One of the most important criteria is the content of the website or online shop. The search engine algorithms are designed to first show the searcher the pages that contain the information he needs. So convince with specialist knowledge and well-founded content, land in the top of search engines! For this purpose, in addition to good text, you can also use meaningful pictures and graphics as well as videos. Together with the appropriate technical optimization and good backlinks in sufficient numbers, you will achieve your goal of more visibility with Google and Co.


We don’t just help you direct new users to your site. Once they are there, they should also carry out the desired conversion. For this it is important that the user experience – the so-called user experience – is good. If you find it difficult to find your way around the page or if the loading time takes too long, there is a high probability that you will jump off the website and visit another page instead.

The website or online shop should also be geared towards different end devices. Many people are now using their smartphones for search queries, especially when they are on the go. Your page should therefore be displayed equally well on a PC as well as on a smartphone or tablet. Such a responsive design adapts to the respective end device so that you have the same user experience everywhere. We offer detailed SEO advice on all of these topics, which will help you to keep users on your side and turn them into customers.


  • SEO analysis website / online shop
  • Local SEO
  • SEO for online shops
  • SEO for Amazon
  • Launch / relaunch support
  • SEO content marketing
  • SEO workshops and SEO seminars
  • Backlink structure
Search engine optimization Hyderabad India is your way to page 1 in the search engine Google
Search engine optimization Hyderabad India is your way to page 1 in the search engine Google


With comprehensive consulting expertise, we are there wherever you need us in your Location. Let our online marketing experts advise you in your company!
All services are also offered and implemented purely virtually, via online conferences and via digital voting rounds.

Other services in the field of Digital Marketing Freelance

  1. Online advertising »Search engine advertising» SEA
  2. Strategies for search engine advertising
  3. Setup of advertising accounts and advertising managers
  4. Supervision of online advertising
  5. Formulation of keyword sets
  6. Search engine advertising audits
  7. Search engine advertising training
    Workshops on search engine advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media strategies
  • Support for social media marketing
  • Profiling on social media platforms
  • Social media ads
  • Social media training
  • Social media workshops
  • Email marketing
  • Email marketing strategies
  • Support for email marketing
  • multi-dimensional customer life cycles
  • Setup of emailing systems
  • Email marketing training
  • Email marketing workshops

Call us or send us an email to Arrange a Free Initial Consultation: TEL .: +91 8297170496 |  You can send us an email or use the contact form below. We look forward to your message about your project.

eBay SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India (Search Engine Optimization for eBay Products Freelance for Hire

eBay SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India (Search Engine Optimization for eBay Products Freelance for Hire

eBay SEO Specialists / Expert for Search Engine optimization for eBay Products

Limra SEO Freelancer is one of the Best eBay SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India. Ebay SEO services can improve your Ebay store sales. They can also help your customers find your online store. With consistent search engine optimization strategy, traffic to your online store will increase and make your Ebay shop more successful.

EBay SEO and listing optimization are complex. EBay, has made some major changes to their best match algorithm since 2018, and continue to do so. Many sellers have experienced a major drop in sales because of this. We can help improve your rankings and increase sales with our eBay SEO Services. Contact us today for your free consultation.

We combine our strong knowledge of eBay with keyword research, and enable customers to find your listings and products easily. Placing well in organic search is the key to your success on eBay. Contact us today for a free consultation.

With our eBay SEO Freelance Services, we help with:

  • Listing titles
  • Product descriptions
  • Categorization
  • Product identifiers
  • Item specifics
  • Picture quality and quantity
  • Limra SEO Freelancer is one of the Best eBay SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India. Ebay SEO services can improve your Ebay store sales. They can also help your customers find your online store. With consistent search engine optimization strategy, traffic to your online store will increase and make your Ebay shop more successful.
    eBay SEA Freelancer In Hyderabad India (search engine optimization for eBay Products Freelance for Hire

With eBay SEO you benefit from the improvement of organic rankings, the sales rate (conversion rate) of your products and a reduced risk of problems with design guidelines. In addition, optimized product detail pages increase the efficiency of your advertising campaigns and discount campaigns – be it on the platforms themselves or externally. A positive shopping experience of your customers contributes to a higher level of satisfaction, which affects the rating rate and your average ratings. A higher identification with your brand also helps to make your brand better known through Word-of-Mouth, to a higher customer loyalty and lower return rates.

eBay SEA Freelancer
With advertising campaigns that are billed based on success, you can reach additional potential customers for your product details page.

eBay offers retailers a variety of advertising options to display your products in the search results. The advertisements are displayed within the search results and are distinguished from organic hits. With careful search term search and campaign control, you can maximize the profit from your eBay advertising campaigns.

eBay Template
With templates, retailers have a powerful marketing opportunity on eBay, with which clear distinctions from the competition can be achieved.

We support you in the design and programming of optimized templates that highlight your product on all end devices that customers use. We advise against using standard templates and do-it-yourself solutions in large quantities if significant increases in sales and improved brand awareness are to be achieved.

eBay photos
For the sale on eBay you need at least one picture for your offer. Depending on the article and the competition, it makes sense to use further detail shots and infographics so that you stand out in the best possible way.

Your rankings in the search results and the sales rate of your offers benefit from professional – high-resolution and mobile-optimized – photos and images in your gallery. If buyers can find out about the important optical details of your item before ordering, your return rates will also be much lower.

When creating your photos, also consider the extensive eBay guidelines. For eBay shops, templates and more you need individual recordings.

AMAZON SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India – Search Engine Optimization For Your Products – SEO Optimization for Your Amazon Products

AMAZON SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India – Search Engine Optimization For Your Products – SEO Optimization


»Anyone who still sees Amazon as an online retailer has not recognized the actual potential of the search engine.«

SOURCE: PWC – 2017

of Indians buy from Amazon.

start their product search on Amazon.

check prices on amazon.

Over 150 million products are now listed on, and almost half of all Indians start their online product research on Amazon. More and more retailers and sellers are recognizing this potential and are using Amazon as a potential sales channel. Most sellers and vendors know how to correctly place their products in the search engine – but few know how to place their products at the top of the first page for the desired search terms.



»Correct categorization
»Perfectly optimized product details page
»Optimized information in the seller / vendor backend
»Reputation management
»External traffic

= 100% success



AMAZON SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India - Search Engine Optimization For Your Products - SEO Optimization
AMAZON SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India – Search Engine Optimization For Your Products – SEO Optimization

Do you want to re-list your product on Amazon? Or do you want to improve the ranking of your already listed product? Do you want to know more about your competition? With my detailed analysis, I give you a realistic assessment of the necessary optimization measures for a better ranking.

A well-founded keyword analysis is the insurance for a successful listing in the future. With my method and the resources of numerous sources, I pick your 20 winning keywords from over 1000 keyword combinations, with which you will later generate over 80% of your Amazon sales.

A winning product detail page includes an optimized title, appealing bullet points, striking product photos, a detailed product description, correct technical product details and a formulation that encourages your customers to buy.

The more appealing your product listing is, the happier your customers are. Satisfied customers logically result in a positive evaluation. Positive reviews are not only important to convince new customers of your product, but also a relevant ranking indicator for the Amazon search engine.

In addition to optimizing the organic ranking, I support you as an AMAZON ADS AGENCY in the placement of paid Amazon Ads / Amazon Pay Per Click campaigns. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seller or a vendor – I will create a profitable campaign with Sponsored Product Ads & Headline Search Ads that will drive your sales even higher.

With my SEO knowledge, I ensure that more users are also aware of your product listing via other channels, such as Google Search. This means that potential customers not only find you via the Amazon product search, but you also increase your visitors through additional external traffic sources.



(SEO) Voice Search Optimization Services at Limra SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India

 Voice Search (SEO ) Optimization Services at Limra SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India

A Voice Friendly Class SEO Freelancer for Voice Search Optimization In Google can help your website’s content rank highly, so it can be delivered as a voice result. On this page, we’ll look at how to choose the best voice search optimization Freelancer and what that Specialist can help you accomplish with a voice search campaign. To learn more, you can reach a Limra SEO Freelancer at ☎ 91 8297170496 for Complete Voice Search SEO 2020: Future of Vocalized Search & SEO‎.

Google is forever pushing voice search optimization, and for good reason; it has a large part to play in the future of search.

Freelancer for SEO Voice Search Engine Optimization In Google

Voice search optimization is the latest trend in search. Users simply speak into their smart speaker device, ask a question, and the device spits out an answer. It’s extremely convenient for users, but it requires a little bit of work from the optimization side to ensure that businesses earn the voice result for their products and services.

Essentially, the crux of voice search optimization is ensuring that you optimize your pages to target keywords in the format that voice searchers search for them.

For example, in a regular search engine query, you may search “pizza Near Me,” but in a voice search query, you may ask, “where can I get pizza?”

These slight differences mean that you have to shift your SEO campaign just a bit in order to target voice-search-geared keywords. But don’t worry, in doing so you won’t take any value from your original SEO keywords.

Voice search continues to grow, which means it’s crucial for your business to optimize for voice search queries. Otherwise, you could miss out on valuable business — especially if your competition is optimizing for voice search and you’re not!

Speak to a Voice Search SEO Consultant In Hyderabad India

Voice search is taking over search, find out how we can help your business
Over one billion searches on mobile devices are done by voice every month and it was once thought that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020 as per Google.

The importance and role of voice search however still requires attention and consideration, despite adoption figures not reaching the lofy 50% marker. Google has cemented this notion further by publishing its first-ever voice search guidelines.

As the technology and devices for voice queries are advancing, it is key that you consider optimising for voice search as a part of your digital strategy and marketing mix.

But where do you start? What is there to optimise? And how does it impact upon your SEO? After all, if more people are using voice search, won’t fewer be searching via traditional key strokes?

What is Voice search?

Voice search is a speech-activated technology that allows a user to carry out a search via a voice command instead of typing the query into a search box.

The interaction is enabled by digital assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Alice and Google Assistant.

These digital assistants, also referred to as eyes-free voice assistants, can understand voice queries from a user and return audio responses or perform actions on behalf of them.

These devices let you interact eyes-free because they do not have a screen or a keyboard, but may be connected to other devices in your home.

Thus, the main method of interacting with the device is to talk to it, and listen to audio responses.

LIMRA SEO Freelancer is a leading voice search optimization Specialist that focuses on growing your business successfully with Digital Marketing.

– We know the power of words and can audit your site and those of your competitors to ensure that you are using the right phrases and keywords so that your site can be found and served through voice search.

– Snippets can help channel huge amounts of traffic onto your website, and with a thorough review of content, we can help you optimise for featured snippets in Google Search.

– Having the right kind of markup on your website is important so that search engines can identify sections within an article or webpage that are best suited for audio playback using text-to-speech (TTS).

– Limra SEO can review and implement the correct markup to ensure that your pages and articles are ready for virtual assistants where applicable.

Now more than ever people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. Limra SEO is one of the leading mobile SEO Expert or Consultant in Hyderabad India and International and can guide you through making your website mobile and voice-search friendly.



Our SEO experts have put together successful Internet marketing campaigns for businesses ranging from local coffee shops to publicly traded companies. They’ll do the same for you. Request a free quote and experience why LIMRA SEO is rated as the world’s best SEO Freelancer and WordPress Developer Since 7 years.





Local SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India at Limra SEO Freelancer

Local SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India at Limra SEO Freelancer

Local SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India at Limra SEO Freelancer has been concentrating on the optimization and improvement of websites and online shops in order to achieve greater economic success and a higher level of awareness. A satisfactory Google ranking, a lot of traffic and high sales figures are the result when you trust in an SEO strategy that was developed and implemented by the experts. This is immensely important for companies, service providers or the self-employed who want to make a profit and want to prevail against the competition. The local market in particular plays an important role in this. It is important to address people and target groups from your own city and region and to win them over in order to be able to further expand your success. Local SEO is the foundation, so to speak, for the website to succeed.

Local SEO Increase Awareness within The Region

There are numerous services, providers or sellers on which one is regularly dependent in everyday life. The offer within the direct neighborhood, city or region is relevant here and is taken into account accordingly. This is the case, for example, if you are looking for a good hairdresser, a tutoring school, a handicraft business or many other service providers, companies or salespeople. Some industries are more dependent on target groups, customers and buyers from their own region than others. Because not everyone is able to act right across India and USA. Local SEO Freelancer is therefore precisely about significantly increasing your level of awareness within the city and region in order to increase profit and sales and primarily win new customers and clients from your own neighborhood.

Local SEO is fundamentally important for all companies, sellers and service providers who effectively address target groups within their own city and region and who want to win them over. Many are heavily dependent on buyers, customers or clients who come directly from their own environment. This can apply to doctors, lawyers, restaurants, service providers or even sellers and craftsmen. The industry is therefore rather irrelevant. It is more important which objectives you pursue and whether you are only active regionally or across India and USA. The own region and neighborhood often play the most important role by far for the success of a company and business. It is easier to win over people within your own city and to make a name for yourself locally. With Local SEO it is particularly important to prevail against the local competition. Not only through the service provided, but also with an SEO strategy that pays off for the local market and makes sense. With this Local Freelance SEO Expert strategy there are quite different ways to proceed. It is only important that the concept suits you but also your location and the target groups on site and that it effectively covers different areas. But one thing is beyond question – Local SEO pays off and is sometimes extremely important for economic success. that the concept suits you but also your location and the target groups on site and effectively covers different areas as possible. But one thing is beyond question – local SEO pays off and is sometimes extremely important for economic success. that the concept suits you but also your location and the target groups on site and effectively covers different areas as possible. But one thing is beyond question – local SEO pays off and is sometimes extremely important for economic success.

Success in the region – the first important step for young companies:

Of course, those who set great goals don’t just want to be known in their own neighborhood. Many companies therefore think nationally or even globally and strive to establish products and services throughout INDIA and USA or even across Europe and worldwide. Before considering these goals, it is important to first focus on local success. Because here it is decided whether you can assert yourself on the market or not and whether you are able to improve. Local SEO is therefore particularly relevant for new, young companies, start-ups or the self-employed who want to build success stone by stone. If you make a name for yourself within the region, you will quickly be able to build up a customer base and a stable order situation in order to secure yourself financially and to strive for new goals. Above all, as a newcomer to the market, you should – regardless of the industry – initially concentrate exclusively on the regional market and the customers and buyers as well as guests and clients on site. Options are still available later to help you improve. We will of course also help you with this.

SEO measures for a successful local SEO implementation
In order to achieve good results in local search engine optimization via Google, there are various measures that are of particular importance and should be briefly explained here.

·Google My Business Account

The appearance on Google My Business is a particularly important component, so that it works with the successful Local SEO. The account can have a very positive influence on the local ranking, but you have to meet a few criteria so that this is the case. First, the account must be verified so that Google takes it into account when searching and lists it. The account confirmation is easily done by post, through which a code is delivered. After entering the code, the account is ticked, which shows the successful verification. Furthermore, account information must be filled in completely. This includes opening times, contact details, pictures and some other relevant information. In addition, regularly update and keep the Google My Business account up to date in order to be able to permanently improve the ranking through regular activities and adjustments. The “dusty” accounts are hardly noticed on Google.

·Online ratings

Online reviews are now a common way to get a first impression of a company. Many therefore resort to such assessments by other customers before a first visit. You should therefore give your customers the opportunity to submit such reviews online on different portals. This underlines your professionalism and at the same time you are automatically classified by Google as “real existing”.


The search queries that are submitted via mobile devices via Google have increased massively in recent years. Google therefore places priority on making the page as mobile-friendly as possible, and rewards it with a better ranking. This should be taken into account when optimizing the website. The focus is therefore on a user-friendly website. No matter whether search queries are started from a PC or tablet and smartphone. To improve local SEO, this point should not be underestimated, since Google penalizes pages that are immediately exited after being accessed via a mobile device.

Which other aspects are particularly important in Local SEO?

Technical optimizations are very important for the local success of your website, but also an adjustment of the internet presence is necessary. This applies especially to the content of the website, which should have an optimal weighting of keyword and location. At least with a relevant text on the page you should do the same. The title and URL must also be provided with a combination of the main keyword and location. Regular text updates, which above all reflect your regional activities, also pay off. Furthermore, the integration of a Google map offers itself to make it easier for customers to access your company. This makes it even easier for you to be found on site.

Backlinks, on the other hand, can underline the local importance and position of the company. Business directory entries help drive more traffic, as does local content that should appear on your page regularly. There is a great chance here that other local websites will link to it and thus further expand the traffic.

Don’t forget and underestimate social media. The platforms are exactly the right place to go to reach as many people as possible quickly, easily and effectively and to attract their attention. Many followers and regular entries benefit your ranking enormously, but also require a certain “maintenance” of the appearance.

Increase awareness and improve sales in the region

Local SEO is primarily about addressing people from the immediate environment. This is especially important for different service providers or even doctors and certain companies that offer typical “everyday services”. After all, if you want a new hairstyle, don’t go to a hairdresser in the next city. The same applies to patients who need a specialist, are looking for a tax advisor or want to try out a new restaurant or café for a change. The fact is that a lot of industries can benefit from local SEO and sometimes even should focus particularly on this SEO optimization. Because even if you are looking for a specific provider directly on site, you often direct search queries to the Internet first, in order to get search results via Google and Co. to be able to orient. Online reviews, the look of a website or experience values ​​play an important role and can have a decisive influence on the final decision for or against the services of a provider. Because the competition within your own region is great and you have to provide understandable reasons why you should make a fair decision for your law firm, salon or practice. First of all you have to be found online. The first major hurdle to overcome. Because the competition within your own region is great and you have to provide understandable reasons why you should make a fair decision for your law firm, salon or practice. First of all you have to be found online. The first major hurdle to overcome. Because the competition within your own region is great and you have to provide understandable reasons why you should make a fair decision for your law firm, salon or practice. First of all you have to be found online. The first major hurdle to overcome.

Optimize local Google Ranking – generate more Traffic

Making a name for yourself in your own region and city is not just about word of mouth or local advertising. Google also plays a decisive factor here and influences whether and how effectively you can reach people online or not. Good SEO measures mean that Google can find you more easily and quickly and at the same time consider positioning you among the first search results. For example, if you offer painting work directly in Cologne, it should be your objective that you should end up among the first results in search results such as “Painter Cologne” that are entered on Google. Because those who use the search tool usually only pay attention to the first results directly on the first page. The lower ranks, however, are not relevant.

Priority is given to the best possible Google ranking in combination with a lot of traffic in order to significantly increase the chance of more sales from people in his immediate environment. The local Google ranking is therefore another important factor that must be taken into account so that the entire local SEO concept can work.

Benefit from improved Local SEO In Google Maps

Finally to be found regionally and also to prevail as a new company against long-established companies and providers: With Local SEO from Limra SEO Freelancer this is quite possible and we succeed in a playful way by step-by-step optimization of your website. This step is particularly worthwhile for medium-sized and small companies and can significantly increase annual sales. Do not forget that almost a third of all search queries on Google contain specific location information in addition to the actual search term. If you want to stand out among the multitude of hairdressers, restaurants, practices or other service providers, you must rely on measures that improve local SEO.

In any case, you have the following advantages:

· Better local Google ranking and more traffic
· Address target groups directly via different platforms and win them over
· Outperform competition in the local market – assert yourself as a new, young company
· Mobile-friendly website for better search results, even via mobile requests
· Increase sales significantly through higher local awareness

Trust in the SEO Experts

When it comes to search engine optimization, many are unsure whether or not to involve an expert at all. However, our experience shows that a certain amount of support can pay off. Those who develop the strategy themselves without having any experience are often left behind. Search engines like Google and Co. often punish outdated SEO adjustments. The basic marketing concept for online advertising and customer acquisition can rarely work as well. Low sales, an unsatisfactory order situation and not infrequently even financial difficulties for the company or the self-employed are often the results and have serious consequences.

It doesn’t have to go that far. Because with a real expert at your side like Limra SEO Expert that can’t happen to you. As a professional, we can look back on experience with local SEO from a wide variety of industries. We know which measures work and how to correctly implement them. In the end, this trust pays off for you. Because with our local SEO strategy, you can make a name for yourself in your city, reach more people even faster and more effectively online and also increase your income. You also have enough time for your work. Because of course we take care of the SEO concept and implementation.

Limra SEO Freelancer Contact for SEO strategies and local SEO

Limra SEO Freelancer can offer you SEO and marketing that proves to be effective and up-to-date and at the same time is characterized by fair conditions. You can request a first free and completely non-binding offer from us at any time and easily convince yourself. That speaks for maximum flexibility and full control over services and costs. This pays off for startups and experienced entrepreneurs as well as for the self-employed or small businesses that need support with local SEO. We would be happy to clarify further details and advise you on which measures and optimizations make sense in your case and how to proceed. We look forward to your Local SEO request.

Local SEO – INQUIRY:  Receive an individual offer.

Hire Me as WordPress Freelancer for Website Creation Plus SEO also WordPress Site Support & Maintenance

Hire Me as WordPress Freelancer for Website Creation Plus SEO also WordPress Maintenance

Freelance for WordPress Site Support & Maintenance In Hyderabad India

WordPress specialist, expert in creating dynamic websites, powerful e-commerce sites and internet, intranet or extranet portals, based on free software and Open Source solutions.

My WordPress Expertise
If you are looking for an Expert/Specialist in WordPress site development, a WordPress freelance or even a SEO consultant, contact me !

Let’s share your needs, your expectations and your entire web project.

My Skills in WordPress:  Upstream work, with assistance in defining your needs , advice and production of specifications.

  • Installation and configuration of the WordPress CMS
  • Implementation of online payment solution (Paypal, CB …)
  • Installing WordPress site network mode multi-site .
  • Graphics and development
  • Creation, integration or modification of WordPress themes ,
  • Themes compatible with all browsers, valid W3C and optimized for good natural
  • referencing .
  • Development of custom widgets .
  • Development of WordPress plugins / extensions on demand to fit your needs.
  • Website creation
  • WordPress online store
  • Site with access to paid content
  • Blog
  • WordPress showcase site
  • WordPress catalog site
  • Real Estate Site
  • Political site
  • Association site
  • Company website

Freelancer In Hyderabad for WordPress Site Optimization and improvement

  • Technical optimizations
  • Improving your SEO
  • Update
  • Security
  • WordPress maintenance
  • WordPress support
  • WordPress coaching
  • Introduction to the use of WordPress
  • Perfecting the customization of your WordPress CMS
  • Tailor-made practical work with work on your web project and application of your skills
  • Implementation of online payment solution (Paypal, CB …)

WordPress experts
We have developed all our expertise around the WordPress CMS for over 5 years.

Dedicated customer support
A dedicated advisor will accompany you throughout your project

Google certified
The fundamentals of digital marketing have no secrets for us!

Showcase Website Creation
Present your activity, your services and reach new customers!

E-commerce website creation
Easily sell your products or services online from your WordPress website.

WordPress training
Train yourself in WordPress with a WordPress expert and develop your business!

SEO natural referencing
Boost your company’s reputation with natural SEO.

Technical optimization
Never lose a client because of a slow WordPress site. Optimize it!

Maintenance & Security
Protect your site and your business from hacker attacks.


Online Marketing Freelancer Limra SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India is Ready for Your Next Project

Online Marketing Freelancer Limra SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India is Ready for Your Next Project

Are you looking for an Online Marketer/SEO Freelancer in Hyderabad India? Then you’ve come to the right place. Limra SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad India can offer you a good Freelancer as well as Experience Freelance WordPress Developer In Hyderabad India who can help you achieve your goals. Variable goals will then be achieved based on an appropriate strategy. As SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad, India I support entrepreneurs in the region. These are advanced SEO websites and companies, but also entrepreneurs who want to start with SEO. Based on a statistical analysis and assessment of your competitive position. Limra SEO Freelancer can devise a winning keyword strategy. The goal is optimal findability, score well in the search engines. With a list of the most promising keywords of your company, I optimize your site or campaign. Developments in positions are monitored and reported in a clear dashboard. That talks so easily.


Why an Limra SEO Freelancer in from Hyderabad India?
Do you already know what you want to achieve with hiring an SEO freelancer in India? Hiring an SEO specialist is recommended for various purposes. An SEO Expert In India is normally hired to make a website easier to find, but with Limra SEO Freelancer they also have other qualities. We can do much more for you than you may think.

What can we do?
An SEO freelancer in Hyderabad India can do much more than just make a website easy to find. It is an expert in the field of text and technology. A specialist from Limra SEO Freelancer has sufficient knowledge and experience to guide you and advise you on texts, technology and keywords. Our specialist can write texts with the right keywords, so that you have quality that contains SEO techniques. To do this, the specialist will first perform and apply a good keyword analysis. That means that he or she is researching popular and less popular keywords. This way our specialist can find out which words suit your company.

Our specialist can also advise you in the field of text and technology. The readability and techniques are very important for both the search engine and visitors. A website that contains many spelling or technical errors will score less high in Google. Not only do you score negative points with Google, but also with your visitors. Our specialist will review your website on, among other things: pages, texts, menus and mobile friendliness. This way your website gets the right SEO structure .

Why us?
Limra SEO Freelancer believes it is important to offer quality specialists. An SEO freelancer in Hyderabad India will therefore meet our requirements. To start with, good communication is very important to us. Sometimes goals are not entirely clear. This may be because, for example, you do not know what you need. A good listening ear is necessary with our specialists. Our specialist will discuss your wishes while enjoying a cup of coffee. When the goal is on paper, a way is being devised to reach it. This is only possible with the right strategy. Ranking Masters can guarantee that the correct strategy is used. Our specialists have sufficient knowledge and experience.

Guarantee of success
We think results are important. In the world of SEO there are unfortunately also lesser providers. They claim to make your business better, but actually don’t know anything about this. This makes you as a company the pinch. Limra SEO Freelancer can guarantee you as a company that you are dealing with a real specialist. Our specialists are screened for knowledge and experience with SEO Hyderabad India. In addition, the result will be discussed with you during the process. Because of this you will see that your company is actually making progress. Looking for an SEO Freelancer Hyderabad and surroundings?

SEO AUDIT at Limra SEO Freelancer

Would you like to check whether your website is search engine friendly? I would like to help more by performing an extensive SEO check. This check judges your website (s) based on the most recent requirements set by Google and other search engines. This audit provides insight into the opportunities that I see to increase the visibility of your website in one of the search engines.

SEO STRATEGY at Limra SEO Freelancer

Looking for an SEO strategy that fits the growth objectives of your organization? I am happy to help develop a useful SEO strategy that contributes to the growth of your organization. Because of my experience with other channels, the strategy also takes into account the synergy between the other online channels.

SEO ADVICE at Limra SEO Freelancer

Do you not want me to set up an entire SEO strategy for you? But I also like to help just advice on specific SEO or online marketing related issues. For example: Have you set up an SEO campaign that does not perform as expected? Or do you have a question about one of the latest SEO techniques? I am happy to answer these issues together with you.

SEO STEP-BY-STEP PLAN at Limra SEO Freelancer

Do you already have a comprehensive SEO strategy and do you need support in drawing up and implementing an SEO step-by-step plan? I like to help during the process, by looking at your current strategy together with you and translating this into a concrete step-by-step plan.

SEO COURSE at Limra SEO Freelancer

Do you want to learn how to do SEO yourself? That is of course also possible. I regularly provide SEO training. The trainings that I give are based on the wishes and needs of the person or group. During this session I will teach you everything you need to know to do SEO yourself. Read more about my SEO courses here .

SEO COPYWRITING at Limra SEO Freelancer

Do you want support in writing SEO texts ? Or do you want to learn how to write the best content for the search engine but also for your potential customers? I help with setting up a content marketing strategy that transforms your organization into a results-oriented content machine. During the process I train the content specialists to write content that ensure more online results.

LOCAL SEO at Limra SEO Freelancer

Do you have a company that focuses solely on Hyderabad India? Then I can provide you with local SEO advice for Hyderabad India. If you want local SEO advice for multiple specific locations, this is of course also possible. Local SEO is a great way to reach customers at specific locations where you want to be found with your business.

SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad – Professional and Effective Search Engine Optimization

SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad – Professional and Effective Search Engine Optimization

As a freelancer and freelance consultant in online marketing, I support you in your project through many years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO).

Are you looking for an SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad to optimize your website or shop? Your agency needs the expertise of an external SEO consultant? You may also want to compensate for staff shortages in your in-house team or supplement this with an external SEO Manager in the area of ​​on- and off-page optimization?

SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad

As an SEO Freelancer I take on your project individually and implement the really important measures for the success with Google and Co.

SEA – Freelancer In Hyderabad

As a freelancer and specialist I take over your Google advertising account and ensure proper performance.

Local SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad

You want to win customers locally? Then the Local Search Engine Optimization (= local SEO) is just right.

SEO Consultation Freelancer In Hyderabad

You need support in finding the right strategy or internal implementation? In individual sessions, workshops or seminars, I help you here. As a versatile online marketing freelancer focusing on search engine optimization, I bring with all my know-how, my network and my many years of experience in your project.

Before I worked as a Freelancer, I studied Business Informatics with a focus on E-Commerce and was responsible for the optimization of several online shops as in-house SEO. Already in 2003 I worked as an independent web designer and can look back on an experience with online projects of almost 15 years.

Search Engine optimization
Content Marketing
Usability and Conversion Optimization
PPC & Display Advertising
SEO strategy
SEO is nothing that you do once and then done. SEO is a process that needs to be planned. I will work with you to develop a strategy tailored to your needs.

Relaunch accompaniment
Are you planning to redesign your website, to structure or rename your shop differently? I accompany this process and make sure that the relaunch also becomes SEO success.

Important rankings are missing? The traffic goes back? Google is fighting spam of all kinds. Maybe you’re stuck in a filter or a penalty. I can find the cause and help you out!

SEO analysis
Are you using the right keywords? How good is your onpage SEO? What about your link profile? Are there any technical issues that prevent good rankings? In short, where do you stand in relation to SEO?

SEO training
From a certain complexity SEO only works if there is internal know-how. I provide you with this knowledge, set up a powerful team for you and provide the strategic impulses.

Do you look after your website yourself, but occasionally need the assessment of an SEO expert? I also advise you by phone: +91 7893704482

That makes the difference
To be successful on the internet, it is not enough to do one thing well. A nice website alone is of little use if the right content is not offered. Good texts and other content will not be successful if they are not searchable and appealing.

My wealth of experience is not limited to SEO or online marketing, because I myself have already designed various web projects and worked as a freelancer on their implementation. This allows me a comprehensive understanding of the relationships and interactions in online projects.

Not in every constellation, SEO is a suitable means for more traffic and revenue. I communicate openly if I see little potential for successful search engine optimization for a project.

Do not hesitate to write me a message or call me for SEO or Website Design. I will gladly prepare an analysis for you in advance in the form of a short video. I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know each other!

Hire an Freelance SEO Specialist From Hyderabad India

Generate more relevant visitors to your website structurally with the help of an SEO Specialist In Hyderabad (search engine optimization specialist) and increase your sales.

  • Do you recognize this?
  • You have a great concept or product, but …
  • Customer is disappointing and there is no real growth
  • Your websites are not visited as often as you would like
  • Website visitors hardly ever take the desired action
  • You invest in SEO and marketing, but it doesn’t deliver enough
  • Recognizable? Then it might be time for the help of an SEO specialist. A specialist who
  • thoroughly understands your company and customers, improves the findability and
  • effectiveness of your website and thus raises your results to a higher level

An SEO Specialist ensures more than better findability
You want to grow and attract more customers, but with good findability you have not yet achieved this goal. An SEO specialist offers you valuable insights and completes the picture in order to continuously improve your results.

An SEO Specialist gives you the necessary insights to:
  • Improve your findability and your position in search engines
  • Increase the user-friendliness of your website
  • Have content match the needs of your customers
  • Make your website more conversational and increase sales
  • SEO as part of the marketing strategy
  • SEO is an important part of the marketing strategy, in which all activities are inextricably
  • linked. To optimize results, the various online and offline marketing efforts should reinforce each other’s effects.


  • You have outstanding Adwords ads outstanding. When someone subsequently clicks through to an unclear landing page, there is a good chance that this person will quickly click it away again.
  • You have implemented different search terms in a text, but this text does not meet the expectations that the search terms create. The answer (the text) does not meet the question (the search query). The visitor clicks away and stays away.
  • Your website looks great, strategic content has been carefully considered, but the loading time of your website is very long. Before your catchy content is fully loaded, your visitor is long gone.
  • SEO goes further than improving good findability, including the skills of your SEO specialist. An SEO specialist focuses on three important pillars:

To turn your website into a logical route description – without dead ends – and to position your website as a fast strategic spider in the WereldWijde Web.

To ensure that your content fits in seamlessly with the demand and needs of your target group. Content that makes both visitor and search engine happy.

To run your website as a well-oiled (conversion) machine, with a fast loading time, without incorrect links or functionalities.

By taking a close look at these three aspects of your company and website, you can structurally improve your findability and generate relevant traffic to your website on the conveyor belt. The result? More sales and a higher ROI.

Why hire an SEO specialist
SEO is more complex than is generally assumed and potential returns are a lot larger.

An SEO expert can give direct advice on keywords, technology, texts, conversions and link building. Certainly when the other marketing activities are properly coordinated, the involvement of a specialist can make a huge difference.

The purpose of SEO and content marketing: To continue to ensure the best results, an SEO specialist must thoroughly understand your company, customers and objectives. A number of questions are therefore central:

With what objective do you want to use SEO and content marketing?

  • Do you only want to generate more visitors to your sales pages or are you building a broad knowledge portal?
  • What makes your company unique? Why are you valuable to your customers and how do you distinguish yourself from the competition?
  • Who exactly are your customers? What is your client looking for? What is the search intention of your ideal website visitor? Looking for information, finding a specific website, comparing products, purchasing or requesting a consultation?
  • What is your business model? How does better findability contribute to more income? In addition to good findability, what else is needed to generate more income?
  • Which online, offline and social channels do you use? How are these channels used and how are they interconnected?
  • Who is your competition? What do they do well online and offline? Which pitfalls do you have to avoid and which things can you take as an example?
  • What does an SEO specialist do
    You achieve better results with clear insights and practical tools.

A better result in 4 steps:

An analysis proposal
A clear proposal is made on the basis of previously obtained answers. Which cases are being investigated and what are the expected results?

Investigate and determine the problem
Based on the research, the problem is approached from multiple perspectives, with which various pain and improvement points are raised. An SEO specialist:

Does extensive keyword research:

  • Translates objectives into an SEO and content marketing strategy
  • Examines the website technically
  • Maps the current online position
  • Analyzes the current content and content options
  • Practical handles
  • Once the problem and the areas for improvement have been clearly mapped out, solution-oriented and practical tools are offered with regard to:

Optimization use current keywords:

  • Implementation of relevant new keywords
  • An improved website structure and navigation
  • Removing irrelevant content ‘
  • Clear and consistent positioning
  • Generating buzz through other channels
  • Technical improvements for the website
  • Accelerating the loading time
  • Better alignment of content with search intention
  • Preventing competition from pages

The evaluation
An SEO process is an investment in the long term. After three months we can discuss the first results. What are the most important indicators that we are on the right track? From there, the strategy is adjusted and optimized if necessary.

Hire an SEO specialist:
Freelance SEO specialist In Hyderabad

Are you looking for a specialist who can align an SEO strategy with other marketing activities and also increase the SEO knowledge within the company? As a freelance SEO specialist I am happy to help you.

  • More than 8 years of experience as an SEO specialist
  • Worked for two years at a specialized SEO / content marketing agency
  • Google Analytics qualified
  • Freelance WordPress Developer expert in CMS like JOOMLA, DRUPAL, MAGENTO.

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