Freelance Web Designer In Hyderabad

My name is Khan, and is based in Born in Hyderabad, but work with clients throughout India, USA, and UAE etc… Years of experience and a genuine interest in web design has given me a lot. I have been running my business since 2006 and previously worked at a web agency for a few years. Basically, I am a trained computer engineer, specializing in media and information technology.

To run my business for me is not only freedom but also responsibility towards my customers, so that they in turn will return or recommend just me. My focus as Web Designer is sleek and stylish design, hand -coded according to web standards. To work according to web standards means better compatibility between different browsers and uniform code that is easy to develop further.

That customers should be able to update your website is, of course, although you can also take help from me for updates. Normally, I work with flexible CMS (Content Management System) where you log in via the web, and easily edit content, news, pictures etc.

A modern website should work on all platforms. With the help of “Responsive design”, your website is automatically adjusted from mobile devices up to large screens.

Usually I work with small and medium sized companies where I design, programming and develop the solutions required for a finished product. Sometimes I even hired to larger projects, where the client is the project leader. I then work on the system developers, copywriters, photographers, etc. as the project manager have available. My role will be when the web designer responsible for the design, set-up, ease of use, and the coding of templates in HTML and CSS.

So Let’s Work together for On line Business Success : +91 8106431015