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We are Limra SEO Freelancer In Hyderabad offer Expert Freelance SEO Services & Freelance Wordpress Developer Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, Prestashop, Shopify, Opencart etc based in Hyderabad, India. Plus Freelance Professional Content Writer In Hyderabad, Telangana.


My Name is Khan Amjad - Freelance SEO & Website Designer

LIMRA SEO WEB is a creative Freelancer in Hyderabad for Web Desing, Development and SEO - Web Marketing specializes in all Web services, I offer advice to help dissect the most of your projects, develop them and promote them to success, with innovative technical. Yes It is located in Hyderabad but serving for your wherever you are my strong point is the creation of websites of high quality. Freelance SEO Consultant & Expertise in Social Media and GOOGLE PPC (Pay Per Click), Graphic Design, Wordpress Developer, Joomla Developer, Drupal Developer, Magneto Developer, Web Designer and Web Developer in Hyderabad, India. Plus Freelance Professional Content Writer In Hyderabad, India.

Limra Freelance SEO – SEO Expert For Online Business


In order to improve your visibility and increase your SEO traffic, 3 major axes are to work in an effective SEO strategy.

Having a clean technical base and an optimized internal mesh, you will facilitate the crawl of robots, including Googlebot, on your site and control the indexing of your pages to avoid duplication.

From a keyword study, create and optimize your content pages correctly on targeted keywords to improve the relevance of your landing page for search engine robots.

Acquiring backlinks (inbound link) will increase the popularity of your site in order to transmit maximum weight to your strategic pages and allow them to gain position in the pages of search results.


The steps of my services as SEO Freelance.

Customized services are proposed according to your SEO objectives and the needs of your site.

Each site is different, which is why it is essential to define a tailor-made strategy adapted to your problem: migration, site creation, etc …

Follow-up of the implementation of the recommendations and their adaptation in case of technical constraints, as well as the optimization of the texts of your web editor.

It validates the keywords on which we will optimize our pages to position ourselves. We will follow these keywords in reporting.

Coaching to accompany you on the operational part netlinking, on the search for partners, the choice of anchors, pages to push, etc …

Analysis and recommendations of the various points of technical improvements, mesh, semantics and netlinking of your website.

Suggest a local strategy, optimize your local store locator / landing pages and manage your Google My Business account.

Reporting enables the analysis of the results by monitoring the different KPIs of the customer, including changes in positioning and traffic. KPIs are defined together to deliver customized SEO reporting.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an estimate of the cost of your Local and International SEO!!

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I’M Freelancer Website Specialist – SEO Optimization at WordPress – Website Design In all CMS

I’M Freelancer Website Specialist – SEO Optimization at WordPress – Website Design In all CMS

If you have a website on the Internet and you took the first step to be found, but there is more than that, it does not help much if you have a nice and professional website if nobody comes to see it and if your sales are still very low.

With the full work of search engine positioning that I offer you now your customers can easily find you when they search your products or services on Google.

The search engine positioning service or SEO is responsible for making your website appear before others at the time that a person interested in your products, services or web content search Google.

And it is true, we all have a talent, the important thing is to know what it is and how to use it. My talent is Digital Marketing, and as an SEO Consultant I can share with you my experience and my knowledge.
Statistically, around 60% of online conversions are generated by search engines, which is why web positioning is so important and having an SEO Consultant.
Because your business matters and I care.

These are my Freelances SEO Consultant services.

Market study
For any digital business, and as an SEO Consultant, I will always recommend you to conduct a market study, in which we will analyze demand, competition, trends, target and estimated return on investment that will help your business grow.

SEO Audit
Starting a project from scratch is something exciting, but sometimes my mission as a consultant starts with the project already underway. For that reason, in some occasions it is totally necessary to audit a website and its SEO strategy.

Web upload speed
The loading speed of a page is considered by Google as one of the key factors for positioning. Therefore I offer this service, to improve all the necessary elements that influence the loading speed.

Information Architecture
So important is to conduct a market study to know the necessary keywords, such as knowing how to enter them correctly in a website through a well-designed architecture and according to the needs of the market.

Integral SEO Service for your business

Comprehensive SEO
Most of the projects that I carry out are of this type. That is to say, an integral SEO service, in which I take charge of the global strategy and the necessary SEO actions for your Digital business to achieve the objectives imposed.

Fully customized service
Custom SEO service
Maybe what you need is not within the services I offer in this landing. For this reason we can always customize the services you carry out for your digital business. Because adapting is growing.

If you want to be part of my clients, as an SEO Consultant, I can offer you my services. You just have to fill out a small form and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Do you want your website to appear in the first results of Google?
Get in touch, I can help you.

What can I offer you?

Tailored Web Design your Own Customized Website Plus SEO In Freelance

It is hard to believe, but writing this introduction was more difficult than building the site on which it is written.

I am a Freelance Web designer and Web programmer, I work as a freelance based in India, where I have my studio, but I work with agencies and clients in all of Global. Of my work I love the fact of being able to create something from nothing, taking inspiration from what surrounds me and the web is the sector of information technology that is most successful in this.

I am a lover of beautiful things and I love to create them in my work: like a dress made by a tailor, a good website must adhere to the needs and best represent the service or product that it offers . The network is full of nice sites with a “precooked” design and ready to use or developed with so many features that it looks like a Swiss army knife. What I want to propose to my clients is a functional and userfriendly design combined with a targeted web development , all tailored to their real needs, in order to create a “sartorial” website.

Presenting yourself in the correct way to the public is important and a website that reflects you is always a good showcase . I appeal to small and medium-sized businesses, to freelancers who want to present their services or to traders who want to expand their business online: whether it’s an ecommerce or a showcase site, the work of a professional makes the difference .
Very often, web agencies, both large and small, find themselves unable to satisfy their customers due to lack of manpower or skills . My job is to come to their support, providing my knowledge in the creation of websites in WordPress completely customized according to customer needs.

For all those who have a project in mind and want to make it better. In the age of bloggers and online content, if you want to make a difference, a blog made by a professional , in order to improve the indexing on Google , is an investment to bring to a higher level your passion: that you Whether it’s a lifestyle, food, travel or fashion blogger, a tailor-made blog will help you get online.

My proposals to create, renew or expand your presence and your online business
Responsive Web Design
I create websites optimized for viewing on both PCs and tablets and smartphones, using the latest generation of web technologies

Web & Social Media Marketing
Social networks, blogs, landing pages, web tv and community: the web is connection, participation, and sharing for your business

Copywriting & SEO
Search engine optimization (SEO) translates into: more visits to your site, more customers interested in your products and your business

Development of dynamic sites and customized web portals using the flexibility and power of open source CMS such as WordPress and Grav

Your business needs not only visibility: reach your customers directly at home with an e-commerce and spread your products on the web

Consulting and Training
I provide consulting, study and analysis to better plan the strategies to be taken for your business, training and personalized assistance

Request a Consultation at Limra SEO Freelancer
Do you need to create a web project but do not know where to start? Fill out the form below to request a consultation and a quote for your website.

The Freelance SEO Expert In Hyderabad Consultant Who Were You Looking For!

The Freelance SEO Expert In Hyderabad Consultant Who Were You Looking For!

I am Expert In Realizing Websites, SEO, Social Media, Copy Writing.

I Want to Transform Your Business IN Sucess!

The Freelance SEO Expert The Best Friend of Your Business!

I am a Freelance SEO Expert In Hyderabad Telangana India. I deal with the creation of Websites, SEO Consultancy, Text Writing, Social Network Management for companies and professionals. I have been doing this for over 7 years, with passion, commitment and dedication.

I live and work in Hyderabad India, but I follow projects throughout Global. Does your business need a successful strategy? Do you have a startup to launch? Do you want to create your new site or improve the old one? Increase your visibility on search engines and on social networks? Learn the secrets of digital marketing?

Discover My Services, look at my works and contact me now for a free quote with no obligation! A Freelance SEO Expert is ideal to increase the visibility of your site and to be found by your potential customers. Discover my services and request a free quote!

Website Creation: Dynamic internet sites that can be updated from any device for successful companies and professionals.

SEO Consulting: Increase visits to your website and be immediately found by new potential customers.

Writing Texts: Does your idea need a slogan? I am a copywriter, I write texts for advertising, commercials and websites.

Social Media Marketing: Improve your online presence with a winning social media marketing strategy.

Online Web Marketing Courses:

Web Marketing

Strategic and Operational
I study the brand and the sector of reference, and I develop effective web marketing plans

Mobile Marketing for success
Responsive websites & APP development, and reach your customers even on smartphones and tablets

Learn from home with Mine
Web Marketing Courses: Online training on dynamic site management, social media marketing, SEO, copywriting. Learn where you want, when you want!

The secrets of web marketing with my courses
Do you want to learn how to make websites? Are you passionate about social media marketing? Do you want to improve your SEO knowledge? For years, I have been creating professionals with online courses tailored to meet every learning need!

WordPress Easy: Corporate sites, e-commerce, blogs: discover the secrets of WordPress and immediately create your website!
Basic SEO: Ideal for professionals looking to scale search engine results and find new customers!
Basic Web Marketing: The foundations of web marketing: learn the secrets of a successful digital strategy!
Social Media Marketing: Everything, but just everything you need to know about social management strategies!

Why choose Me
One-to-one courses, with an online teacher to ask questions and ask for clarification
Theoretical and practical lessons, with examples and exercises
Rich support material
Study plans tailored to your needs
Flexible hours

You have everything to gain:
For each project, personalized goals and calibrated on the characteristics of the company. The advantages? Quick and visible to everyone!

Global Reach
It does not matter whether you live in Abruzzo or in China: digital marketing allows you to sell your products and services anywhere in the world.

Open 24 hours a day
There are no timetables: with internet you are always reachable and traceable to your potential customers. It’s easy, like turning on a PC!

Cost / effectiveness ratio
Compared to traditional advertising, online marketing has lower costs and better performance. Small investment, great result.

Duration over time
An advertising spot has a limited duration, a site can be reached at any time and its contents always available.

Targeting the public
Do not shoot in the pile: with the web marketing you accurately identify your market, making communication more effective and productive!

Involve your customers with requests for comments and reviews, contest. Fidelizzali and transform them into potential testimonials of your brand!

Do you want to improve your online visibility?
Do you want to climb the top positions of Google and give more visibility to your business? Request a quote for an Limra SEO Freelancer!

Grow your business, ask for advice!

I am a passionate and expert professional, the satisfaction of my customers is my business card.
Find out what I can do for you!


Meet the Web Designer / WordPress Developer as a Freelance WordPress Developer In Hyderabad Telangana India

Meet the Web Designer / WordPress Developer as a Freelance WordPress Developer In Hyderabad Telangana India

Always customer-oriented and its needs, your business is just as important to me. Specializing in online promotion, simplifying things and the road to your success. Whether you need a personal blog , presentation site , online store creation , redesign web site , SEO optimization , we have the solutions and knowledge required for the desired results.

Advantages of the site made on the WordPress CMS platform:

  1. Content control panel.
  2. User-authenticated password authentication.
  3. Add or modify pages.
  4. Add or edit items or categories.
  5. Adding or deleting images or videos.
  6. Preview changes made before publishing.
  7. Restrict access to certain pages of the site.
  8. Perfect for social media integration (facebook, twiter, etc.).
  9. Google indexes the wordpress site easily.
  10. Flexibility and ease of navigation for any device (desktop, laptop, tablet and phone).
  11. The wordpress site will be faster and more flexible.
  12. Besides an attractive web design , it is important that the site provides the visitor with the functionalities it needs or expects such as contact form, newsletter, positioning on the map, news stream, social media integration, etc. .

Securing considerably reduces the risk that your site will be compromised from possible attacks.

The loading speed of a site is very important, for both search engines and users.

Did your site be broken or infected? I offer professional and fast site recovery services.

An external backup periodically prevents the loss of investment, data, and safe keeping.

Adding “Call To Action” will bring your business benefits and convert the user into the customer.

More time for your business. Keep your platform updates, plugins, etc. in your care. .


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Freelance SEO SEM Consultant Specialist In Hyderabad Telangana For The Placement of Your Website At The Top Of Google

Freelance SEO SEM Consultant Specialist In Hyderabad Telangana For The Placement of Your Website At The Top Of Google

I’m an SEO Consultant and Digital Marketing and extremely Passionate Website Designer In WordPress, Joomla, CMS owners, Opencart, Magento, Prestashop, SilverStripe and HTML / Php and I live in the City of Hyderabad Telangana India, but I’m always looking for ideas around the world. My goal is to increase the visibility and online sales of companies and individuals.

SEO-SEM analysis
Study of the on-line market sector, search for strategic keywords ( Search Engine Marketing ) and analysis of the website if it already exists. Development of the SEO strategy in hand with the customer.

Optimization from top to bottom of the website : code, texts, meta tags, headlines, images, pagespeed and rich snippet.
Analysis and improvement of usability and call to action.

For local activities , take care of the Google Local / Places tab and site geolocation . For e-commerce, online portals and magazines, creation and optimization of Business page on Google +.

Trust growth & brand authority through natural link acquisition, quality article marketing, link building and other activities. Web Analysis and Periodic Reporting on Positioning.

Services Offered As An SEO Specialist Consultant
SEM Consulting and Analysis
On-site optimization
Placement on Google Places / Local
Multilingual SEO for abroad
SEO Copywriting
SEO Training Course

I Have Already Optimized Sites Made In
Silve Stripe
CMS owners
Opencart ( ecommerce )
Magento ( ecommerce )
Prestashop ( ecommerce )
HTML / Php

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Freelance Search Engine Optimization with Limra SEO Freelance In Hyderabad

Freelance Search Engine Optimization with Limra SEO Freelance In Hyderabad

Hey! My name is Khan Amjad and I’ll be happy to help you with your search engine optimization and / or online strategy . I work as a SEO Freelance Expert Web Developer In Hyderabad, but I would like another form of collaboration. I am usually open to discussion. Warmly welcome to this my site that I am making between the yards together on this:)

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is to use a variety of methods to get a search engine, such as Google, to show a specific website higher up in the hit / search result in searches that are important to one’s business. Of course you want to be the first hit. Higher visibility gives more traffic and more traffic gives more business , one thinks. Additionally, if you apply a little strategy and know-how, you create this higher visibility hand in hand with a higher relevance . It gives more traffic quality , which in turn gives higher conversion rateson the site. Search engine optimization aims at “creating reasons” for the search engine to think better about a specific site than about other sites. To do this, you need to know a lot about how the search engine works and what signals it uses to calculate a site’s value, usability and ability to rank high in search results .

Why is search engine optimization needed?

Properly used , search engine optimization is the most affordable form of internet marketing and internet advertising. Correctly done, search engine optimization yields lasting results , unlike, for example, search engine advertising, where ads disappear at the same time as they no longer pay for them. Search engine optimization as discipline is also aimed at improving a site – technically as content-and such improvements are beneficial to all serious sites, regardless of the desire to rank high in Google or not.

How do you get Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is best achieved by consulting potential suppliers and asking them to come back with a business proposal. Knowing what you need and want, you should clearly specify your needs and then more easily see who is matching them best. Knowing that you need SEO, but not exactly What you need, you may want to get a bit of help from an SEO consultant, like me, to craft a sensible needs analysis that can help one in a larger procurement. Or, you can hire an SEO consultant, like me, from the start.

Speaking of questions – is there anything you’re wondering about me, my deliveries or my search engine optimization, do not hesitate to ask a question or two. Perhaps you are in need of help and wonder who can help you meet this? Put a prerequisite contact knowing. Together, we can call the need for the seams and, more closely, define what could solve the steak for you – what you need in terms of time , resources and skills to land on the greener side of the fence. The times I feel I’m right for you and your assignment I will not recommend to myself. The times I feel that I’m not the right person, or maybe I do not have the necessary time on my hand, I’m just as oblivious to recommending someone else, based on my skillful industry skills.

It should not be difficult to find good help with search engine optimization and I see no prestige or honor loss in matching potentially with potential supplier as far as possible. It all earns! You with your need. An industry colleague gets more to do. And I, maybe, get a little karma poeng and at least release the worst levels of health ticketing the day it’s going for that trip.

No matter who you or your business is online, there is a need for search engine optimization . Your size never eliminates your need to be searchable and searchable and to make the most of what you have. If you are less, you have everything to gain from increased visibility, especially if a steady flow of customers from the web is the least business critical to you.

By hiring Me as a freelance SEO consultant, you maximize the benefits of your investment and do not get stuck in complicated agreements or long notice periods.

Now we start!
Contact me and we will jointly meet your needs and aspirations. Together we define a target image and I tell you what I can do to get there and what resources (usually only time) this would be expected to be made available.

I’m Khan Is Amjad Freelance WordPress Web Designer Specialized in Personal Brand and Seo CopyWriter (SEO Freelance Consultant In Hyderabad, India)

I’m Khan Is Amjad Freelance WordPress Web Designer Specialized in Personal Brand and Seo CopyWriter (SEO Freelance Consultant In Hyderabad, India)

Do you want a personalized web page that transmits a professional image, that gives you visibility and that you can manage yourself?



See how your competition gets customers anywhere in the world thanks to its website, and you are overwhelmed by the 4 walls of your office, which limit you to help more people and develop and grow your project. You know that offline requires more time and implies more limitations, that’s why you want to make the leap to the online world.

Your goal is to reach more people, there are no second chances to make a good first impression and you want to reflect your essence and professionalism on your website. You know that a web page is your cover letter in the digital environment, today it is necessary to be on the internet, since it is usually where people seek information about products or services.

You may not have a website yet and you know that today, if you are not on the Internet … you could almost say that you do not exist, we search everything on the internet, all kinds of products and services. Therefore, if you do not have a web page, you need it and you know it, that’s why you’re here.

Or you may have a web page with an obsolete design, or with which you are not happy because you do not find it as beautiful as it was at the time … you do not feel identified, nor do you think it shows your essence and that of your project.

You have decided to make your product or service visible online, and you want a custom design that fits your needs. And you want to take the step, but you do not want to do it alone, because WordPress and technology are not your thing, and you’re afraid to think if you’ll be able to create a professional website that identifies you or if you just waste time, you will not be convinced by the results and you’ll get win disappointments and headaches.

Quiet, it’s normal, many entrepreneurs are in your same situation, overwhelmed with sales strategies, marketing and technologies. You know you do not want to take the step alone and I can help you get what you need.


I can help you to get the web page you need, with a personalized, modern and attractive design, according to the design trends of the moment, transmitting your essence and professionalism, being able to forget about technological problems and dedicate yourself to what you like most about your project. A website that will position in Google and that you can self-manage without depending on third parties at the end. We start?

With my Personal Web Design service you will get a professional image, highlight and differentiate yourself from your competition and attract more clients.

You will feel identified with the image of your web page, you will see reflected your essence and that of your project.

You will capture the attention of your clients thanks to the design, the users decide in a matter of seconds if they continue browsing your website and do not want to lose that opportunity.

You will see how your opportunities to get more clients, increasing the chances of developing your project and increasing your results to get the life you’ve always dreamed of.

People can find you, gain visibility, appearing in Google search engines when people look for the products or services that you offer appear as if by magic before your eyes.

The Custom Web Design service consists of a visual design part that captures the attention of users, and a technical part of SEO optimization to improve your visibility, a winning combination to get more customers.

I’m here to help you create your website,
I am a Freelance WordPress Web Designer In Hyderabad India

Hello! I’m Khan Is Amjad, a Freelance WordPress Web Designer specialized in Personal Brand and Seo CopyWriter (SEO Freelance Consultant In Hyderabad, India). I help entrepreneurs who want to have an irresistible online presence to convert visits to clients, transmitting their professional value proposal and differentiate themselves and stand out thanks to design and copy, in order to leave behind the difficulties of selling their services and training courses online and get the life you have always dreamed, all with a unique design, radiant personality, yours!

Bachelor in Business Administration and Management and with a Digital Marketing Master, firmly convinced of the power of strategy in content and design for differentiation, and that no detail can be left to chance in a world as competitive as the online.

Shoot an Email Write and I will get back to you In short time:

Best SEO Freelancer at LIMRA SEO Freelance DESIGNED To Get You Up In The Results.

Best SEO Freelancer at LIMRA SEO Freelance DESIGNED To Get You Up In The Results.

LIMRA SEO Freelance is an expert in web marketing, specialized for over 10 years in the promotion of every business on the internet and on social networks. If your desire is to increase the visibility of your business and make you aware of more customers potentially interested in your offer, do not waste time and rely on the expertise of Limra we will advise you on the right solutions to highlight your business and avoid errors.

By choosing LIMRA SEO Freelance, you will find professionals ready to help you in planning the various web marketing activities.

Like SEO : in LIMRA SEO we specialize in optimizing every web activity. Thanks to a complete and long-term strategy, to allow your site to scale the pages of search engines and occupy the top positions. Having maximum visibility is the most effective solution to be found by a potential target, overcoming the competition .

How do we put a successful SEO strategy into practice?
We design innovative sites, rich in content designed to grow your profile and able to offer an excellent user experience. In addition, we select for you a mix of key words to oversee the traffic and provide professional advice on how to structure the linking within the site and how to use headings and meta data.

In LIMRA SEO Freelance we also deal with SEM strategies, helping you to study the best Google Adwords campaigns. What is it? To manage one of the most powerful web marketing tools to make you appear in the first positions of Google, speaking to users interested in your business and who are already searching on the web for goods or services similar to yours.

And on social media? We plan Facebook Ads campaigns to give visibility to your products and to stimulate users who could become new customers. In this way we increase visits to the site, increasing the scope of your business.

At LIMRA SEO Freelance we know how to promote your business in a targeted way, hitting the most interesting customers and letting them know and appreciate your brand. How do we do it? Planning DEM campaigns and display adv.

The former send specific promotional communications to databases of profiled and selected users . The target? Stimulate the click and bring traffic and visits to the site, going to directly capture potential consumers.

The advertising display campaigns, on the other hand, help you increase brand awareness and reach a large pool of users, thanks to banner ads designed to promote a product line, support a promotion or communicate special initiatives. How to hit the best profiles? Leveraging the remarketing process such as retargeting that, through the use of cookies and the analysis of the browsing history of the user, allows you to direct the ads to customers who have already visited or made online purchases on sites similar to yours.

Choose LIMRA SEO Freelance and entrust yourself to a team of professionals always at your service: a specialized team ready to provide you with strategic advice tailored to your goals. At LIMRA SEO Freelance, we guarantee seriousness and effectiveness: your communication investment will have an excellent return, with concrete, measurable results that can always be monitored.

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