Service web development, web programming, web portals creation and production, development sites for travel agencies or newspapers and magazines online web Design

We have expertise in web domain experience and a team of programmers, web designer and consultants to develop complex projects online: thematic portals (B2B or SaaS), social networks, websites for travel agencies or newspapers and magazines online.

We can develop a project from scratch online support all stages (consultancy, analysis, development and promotion) or we can develop new modules for portals already launched.

Web programming (PHP, J2EE)

Web 2.0 technologies and databases: PHP, J2EE, AJAX, DHTML, jQuery, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, SQL SERVER

B2B-B2C portals achievement

Business to business and business to consumer – Sites for Online Business

Creating social networks

Sharing, collaboration, socializing, sharing information on social networks

Web Developer

Sites online services or web applications on demand

Site travel agencies

Web design and site management for tour at the lowest prices!

CMS Development newspapers and magazines online

LEAGUE NEWS CMS – Ideal for creating portal for news, newspapers or magazines online

Facebook Application Development

Applications for Facebook, conception, design and development applications Facebook

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