How to be first on Google: 7 SEO strategies for 2017

By now you know, if you own a website is not enough to be in the universe of the web, it is important to understand how to be first on Google. Google is the largest search engine in the world, then, for your own website in order to rank well, you need to adopt to date SEO strategies and effective. The elements to optimize focus on different aspects of a site: the structure of the same, HTML code, text content, incoming links and outgoing and social sharing .

New year, new SEO strategies: the straight to be first on Google

The following are some of the SEO strategies to be in line with Google’s accounting policies in the year ahead.

1. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): an open-source protocol that allows you to create pages can load almost instantly content on mobile devices. Few structural changes allow the site to load four times faster using less data. Google obviously gives visibility on the basis of the AMP, then in 2017 we expect more favouritism in the search engine for the most updated sites.
2. Birth of Dense Content: In recent years there has developed a trend among sites in trying to create content that could be called “epic”, or long texts that cover a whole topic. In order to avoid worrying users, 2017 will be the year of the Dense Content, the tendency that it does not focus on the length, but the need to exhaust an entire topic in very little space.
3. Google Rank Brain: an automatic learning artificial intelligence system, which is used to help process the search results. Rank Brain is a part of Google’s global search algorithm and is used to sort billion pages and find the ones most relevant to certain queries. upgrades are planned for next year.
4. Personal branding is one of the basic strategies for SEO , but up to now even a few sites have focused on this element to be first on Google. The hope is that this trend will change in 2017.
5. User Experience Optimization (WEU): you know by now that Google favors sites that are properly optimized for mobile devices, that load quickly, and those where it is clear that users are living a pleasant experience (time spent on the page ). 2017 Google could focus more precisely on the user experience of mobile devices.
6. Mobile apps: in recent years we have seen a huge increase in SEO options for applications. In 2017 we cannot exclude a higher Google account in the app, although it is too early to talk about applications that go completely to replace the Web sites.
7. Personal Digital Assistant: They have greatly increased the number of verbal queries that users use in research. In 2017 it is plausible to greater diversification and sophistication of these useful functions, opening the door to new types of research and more advanced forms of verbal queries, resulting in new opportunities for placement.

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